Insurance Repairs

Ambrose Construct Group is geared for results by leveraging our quality people, processes and technology.

Ambrose Construct Group adds value through the structure of our business, management and staff.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team has the proven experience and capabilities to deal with all aspects of customer, client and staff liaison to create a seamless repair experience. Our CSOs log jobs from the insurers, book the appointment with the customer, coordinate diary bookings for Estimator/Supervisors, update client systems and act as the first point of contact, successfully resolving queries and triaging complex matters for a speedy resolution. We honestly believe we have gathered the best team in the industry.


By virtue of our technology enabled workforce our Estimators attend their bookings and using our industry leading estimating system, they return the job from the field. In Head Office their assessments, quotes and reports are audited and uploaded onto the Insurer’s systems, ensuring industry leading lifecycles and multiple points of contact for each claim.

Specialist Reports

By virtue of our extensive and vetted trade base across the state, Ambrose Construct Group is able to provide Specialist Reports for Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Flooring, Swimming Pool and virtually any matter that is encountered within an insurance repair. Knowing there are 125 skillsets that are required to complete all facets of an insurance repair, we have specialists in every skillset that are able to assess and report on the causation, the resultant damage and provide an insight into the best method of repair or replacement if that is required.

Scopes and Reports

At Ambrose Construct Group all of our Estimators are QBCC Licenced Supervisors meaning they see their Estimates into construction, validating their estimates and repair schedules. All Estimators have Estimated BAU and Event claims and have the skills and abilities to provide industry leading transparent scopes that highlight rooms, their dimensions, and a detailed line by line scope in repair order, all with supporting pictures.


With fulltime QBCC Licenced Supervisors in each of our offices, all Make Safes and repairs are coordinated and managed by qualified professionals. It is these local Supervisors who are the face of Ambrose Construct Group for the customer, client and our trades alike.

Catastrophic Weather Events

Having attended every Event in Queensland since the 2008 Mackay floods, Ambrose Construct Group has a ready response capability that mobilises staff and logistics to support our local staff and trades 24/7. It is no accident that in 2020 Ambrose Construct Group is responding to four Events simultaneously, while maintaining a full BAU response.